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Welcome to The Zelda Project

The Zelda Project is a Los Angeles, CA based group of fans who seek to bring to life the characters, settings, and overall feel of Ocarina of Time through photography and film.

A labor of love, this project combines all aspects of art from costuming & photography to CGI visual effects.  Our end goal is that we hope those of you who view our work are brought a little bit more into the world of Hyrule through our art.

Updates and Honesty

That being said, continuing to work closely with him on this project seemed impossible.  However, like most people have told me, time heals all wounds, and this one has begun to heal.  I needed a long break from communicating with him to sort out my feelings, and he needed the same, but the two of us are now able to come together again to work on the project, so once the spring of 2012 rolls back around, you'll be seeing more from us.

My life situation since moving out of my apartment with him has been extremely rocky.  I have no place to sew, or really put any of my belongings.  All of my things are in a storage facility and I had to move back in with my mother and two sisters.  I would like nothing more than to be working on Princess Zelda or Nabooru's costumes right now, but I'm struggling instead to pull my life together and stabilize my fiscal situation so that I can actually have a break from working and the time to sew.  These are the two main reasons why I put the photo portion of the project on hold.  I feel like I'm airing out a lot of private information that I probably shouldn't, but you guys have been waiting long enough, and are likely just as disappointed as I am at the many setbacks that have happened.

The Fire Temple

Everyone still talks about it, and it is prominent on my mind.  I have spoken to Anthony and Indigo recently about reshooting this, since fall is coming up again and it would be a perfect opportunity to shoot in the lava tubes.  Indigo (and we should all congratulate him!) has finally found work again after a long stretch of unemployment after being laid off, and has moved to beautiful San Luis Obispo.  Coordinating everyone will be tough, since Anthony will be coming from one city, Indigo from another, and myself from another--but we can do it!

The material we have now, we have long wanted to release to the public in regards to the Fire Temple.  However, we relied heavily on the CG aspect of this shoot for fire effects and creature design, and as I had explained once in an article long ago, we ran into a crooked 3D artist. Now, Mihail Kounelakis, an exceptional 3D artist who's work you can find here: Mihail on deviant art came onto the team a few months after the fiasco with the first artist.  Like an angel sent from heaven he cranked out the models for Volvagia, Darunia, and a basic Goron.  He was also working on terrain and background that was based off of concept artwork drawn by Luis Santiago and Lindsey Alvord.  Unfortunately, Mihail fell ill, and has been in the hospital ever since.  I text him once in a while, and recently discovered that his rig where he kept all the files had a hard drive crash while he was in the hospital, and while he was able to save his models for the creatures, all of the terrain work was lost.  Mihail is on the road to recovery now, and it shouldn't be much longer before he is released, but of course he has expressed his need to get himself a new computer, which I do not know how long that will take.  Needless to say, this is why we haven't released anything yet with the Fire Temple, even though it's been over 8 months at least.

There is, however, a small preview of the Fire Temple at the end of the Shield How-To video.  It was a photo we never released, because it was unfinished, but it is the closest thing we have to showing you all that we were/are working still on the shoot.

Lon Lon Ranch

Safety was our biggest concern here, and we ran into many problems with Big John getting used to the shield.  Big John is a casually ridden pet horse, and is not a stunt horse used to shiny strange objects (the shield and sword) like the horses at Medieval Times.  While Anthony's skill was remarkable for the amount of time he had been riding, it wasn't enough to merit putting him in danger.  Horses are prey animals, and if they are frightened, they will bolt.  I didn't want to risk that of Anthony.  So, we scheduled the shoot to be tamer, and we only had one weekend to get it done before the drought hit the shooting location area and turned the grass brown.  Unfortunately, the Make-Up artist, Holly Mathis, who had been given the task of making 1 set of ears in the timeframe of 6 weeks, melted the ears for Malon somehow, and sent a text message to Joellen, not me, the evening before the shoot.  So, sadly, we had no ears, and obviously you can't have a Hylian photoshoot with no ears.  There was no way we could improvise the ears.  The unfortunate thing, was that Indigo was 20 miles away after having been driving for 4 hours to get to the location.  He was not happy, and I couldn't blame him.  We had to post pone the shoot until next spring, due to the fact that over that weekend, all the grass turned brown.  So, in the meantime, Anthony will continue to train in horseback riding, becoming a far more competent rider, and I left with him the shield when I moved out, so that he could practice with Big John for a long period of time getting the horse used to the sword and shield on his back.

Princess Zelda

This is only a matter of me getting into a situation where I can sew somewhere, somehow.  This was the biggest excitement for me out of any of the other costumes.  Joellen is just absolutely stunning in her Twilight Princess rendition of Zelda, and I have always wanted to make her an Ocarina of Time Zelda costume.  I just need a place to sew.  I'm ready as I ever have been to start on this, but the logistics of my situation are not in my favor at the moment.

The Film Trailer

This is actually the primary focus of what I've been working on recently, since as you can see with the still photography there are things holding me back from completing them.  I have, as I had said before, an opportunity to meet with a possible sponsor that, if I am able to sell the idea of TZP properly, could mean big things for the future.  I wrote the script, but it is always being changed as the storyboarding process comes together, which is common.  I initially was working with Lindsey as the storyboard artist, but because of her obligations to school, she ended up not having the time needed to dedicate towards the storyboarding.  Now I am working with Sofia Alexander, known as "Elenath" to the fan community.  She is a fantastic artist with a versatile art ability, though most recognized for her perfect execution of CLAMPs art style.  She studied sequential art at Savannah School of Art and Design, and is focusing full heartedly on the completion of the storyboards.

I can't say anymore than that, because I don't want to ruin any possible chances we might have of making this dream a reality, but needless to say, despite all the ups and downs, we're still here.  And I for one never give up.

- Sarah

The Zelda Project is for entertainment purposes only and is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Co., Ltd., Legend of Zelda, or any of its respected licensees. The content is for the exclusive use of the end user, and may not be sold, rented, or used for any commercial enterprise. We make no claim to any characters, storylines, prop designs, names, logos, or situations that are trademarked, copyrighted, or otherwise protected by federal, state, international, or other intellectual property law. This work is produced solely for the personal, uncompensated enjoyment of ourselves and other Zelda fans.

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