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Illustration/Storyboarding/Concept Art
Sofia Alexander

Sofia Alexander is a professional Sequential Artist who graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Even though her studies are based in the USA, she is of Mexican origin but has lived in the United States for the past eight years.

A self-taught artist, her passion for art began after the release of Nintendo’s very own, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It was then she knew she wanted nothing more than to pursue a career in the creative field of art, where she hopes to work on production work such as storyboarding, comic book coloring and someday publishing her own original comic book.

The Zelda Project is the perfect opportunity to further hone her skills while working along with a talented group of people who share her passion for the series.

The programs and materials of her choice are: Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet, Photochop CS5, Paint Tool SAI and, if the occasion calls for it, COPIC markers.

External Links - elenath.deviantart.com

Visual Effects Julia Starr

I give to others but at the same time I don't like humans in general.
I'm just naturally a giving person.

Julia didn't understand the powers of photoshop technology until a few years ago. She had other things on her mind, but becoming a digital artists came unexpectedly. Starting out as a baby learning to walk, she crawled initially, then took her first steps, which eventually became a jog, and now, a triathalon! She discovered she could make amazing things to help other artists so they could succeed with their talents, and bring into realization worlds that she always knew existed in her mind, but never could share with others before now. Sharing and imagining were natural habits for her, as she felt that both were necessary in life. She enjoys photography, and creating her own stock images, as well as writing, boating, and dreaming. As a huge fan of Zelda, coming onto The Zelda Project brought her into the midst of a team of like minded fans, who had the drive to create and share beautiful things as she did.

External Links - night-fate.deviantart.com

Concept Art Lindsey Alvord

Interested in art and video games at a very young age, Lindsey always knew what she wanted to do with her talent: getting a job in the entertainment industry. Due to her father's job, she moved around a lot, gaining different levels of education, which eventually brought her to graduate from the Las Vegas Academy of International Stuides, Performing and Visual Arts. Eventually, she made her way into Brigham Young University's Animation Program, where she now studies under professionals such as Ryan Woodward, Kelli Loosli, and many others who have delved into the industry themselves. Throughout all of this, video games have remained a constant, including the Zelda series. She has played all the Zelda games, and is very excited to be undertaking a project of such high expectations. She hopes she can deliver.

External Links - mudora.deviantart.com




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