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Key Photographer Indigo Verse

Indigo has been artistically and musically inclined since childhood and has always been a very big patron of all things media. After high school he started a band and jumped into the music industry for 8 years. At the age of 26 he put down the axe and picked up the pen where he attended the Bachelor's program for Multimedia and Web Design at the Art Institute of California, Orange County.

During his stay there he won several contests, was Assistant Director for a short film through www.adventusfilms.net, shook hands with the CEO of Dreamworks, made top 10 editor in nation at the 35th Annual Key Art Awards and produced several documentaries commissioned both locally and overseas including travel to England, France, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Australia & New Zealand. Since then, he has graduated and worked with companies such as Mazda, Toyota, Roland & Motorola making a name for himself in the industry. His current fields of discipline are Motion Graphics, 3D Modeling & Animation, Video Editing, Digital Illustration & Graphic Design.

Indigo picked up Photography on his own watch after a less than educational experience with a poor photo instructor at AI in 2005. Over the next three years he taught himself at a furious pace in all subjects under photography. In early 2008 he met up with Lillyxandra of Firefly-Path.net for talks regarding several massive photo projects. As time passed, more and more photo shoots followed leading up to the introduction of Adella in late 2009. He has now been given the honor of working on The Zelda Project with it's creator and visionary, Adella.

External Links - www.indigoversephotography.com
External Links- www.indigoverseproductions.com

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