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Key Makeup Chase Birdsong

Since a very young age, Chase was always interested in creating creatures, monsters, and everything that else had to do with Halloween. That passion was channeled into a hobby, which later became a successful career. In 2008, He packed up all he could fit in his car (sold what he couldn't) and blindly drove from Murfreesboro, TN to Hollywood, CA without a job prospect or even a place to live! It has now been 3 1/2 years, and he hasn't looked back. Chase has worked on many movies, TV shows and commercials since then. Among these are Five Year Engagement, Laid to Rest 2, Grimm, Teen Wolf, and the popular Verizon alligator wrestling commercial.

Chase is self taught in the art of Makeup Special FX, with his skill sets including: life casting, mold making, sculpting, painting, casting, seaming, some hair work, making custom makeup appliances, fabrication, props, custom dentures and eyeballs, and some mechanical/animatronics.

Growing up, Chase would play Zelda (the original NES hard-as-shit Zelda) with his father in a race to the games completion between them and his grandmother (who lives out of state). With none of the players armed with a walkthrough book, the victor surprisingly enough was Grandma! Thus, sparking a life long love for The legend of Zelda and making him very happy to be apart of this team!

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Assistant Makeup Joellen Elam

Known to many as ‘Lillyxandra’, Joellen Elam works as a costume designer and make-up artist living in Los Angeles, California.

She began her career in costume & make-up design in 2002, and has since created over 100 costumes for various clients and personal projects.

Throughout her career she has worked as a make-up artist for photographers & designers, such as Kucoon, Danial Jung, Jamis Vu, & Katie Kay. She worked as a key make-up artist and key costumer for the Escapist web series “There Will Be Brawl” and “Fear News” on Fear Net. She is now the key make-up artist on “The Zelda Project”, which truly began to pick up steam when in 2008 she visited Europe with costume designer friend Sarah Quillian. Inspired by all of the beautiful architecture, they began to brainstorm and expand upon their original plans for The Zelda Project onto being more than just photoshoots, and including the Teaser Trailer idea (now the Final Battle Film) along with video documentaries done by Key Photographer, Indigo Verse.

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