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Prop Master Aaron Granofsky

Aaron, the prop master for The Zelda Project, first started making replica swords back in 2005 when he decided fiberglass was the best way to craft his favorite blades. Of his many talents, Aaron is not only proficient in propmaking but also moldmaking as well. Having worked with many different kinds of rubber, Aaron has mastered the technique of creating molds and has utilized his skills thusly to assist the team in creating prosthetic ears. Though all of these abilities were self taught, Aaron attended SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) in Georgia, and graduated with a BFA in animation in 2007.

Aaron came onto the Zelda Project team in late 2009 when he became friends with Sarah via his talent with the blades. What started out as a simple sword commission avalanched into Aaron joining The Zelda Project team in 2010. His future creations include, but are not limited to the Mirror Shield, Princess Zelda’s armor, and a select other things to be discussed for future photoshoots.

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Special FX / Props Ben Wallace

Ben Wallace is a professional Manufacturing Engineer specializing in Aviation in Burbank, CA. He studied Engineering at Cal Poly Pomona, where he developed his natural knack for creating things from scratch. Combining his Mathematical and Technical mind with his artistic genius, Ben has been a boon to The Zelda Project. As an avid war gamer, Ben developed his sculpting and crafting abilities by creating Warhammer landscapes and customizing his armies with epoxy putty and resin. Ben's endless talent also includes mold making, painting, sculpting, wood carving, leather working, and some metal craft. He is a jack-of-all-trades for The Zelda Project, working in some cases as the Production Designer for dressing the sets, and in other cases producing the side props such as the Fairy Bow and Megaton Hammer. Prior to The Zelda Project he worked in the Art Department for the AFI Thesis Film: Simon utilizing his knowledge in engineering for Special Effects, and was more than once a last-minute prop designer for the hit web series There Will Be Brawl.

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