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Certain evil has crept into the mountain corrupting the Fire Temple and enslaving the defenseless Gorons. With the very roots of the great mountain assaulted by this darkness, Link must brave the treacherous depths and emerge victorious.

Spending over 8 hours shooting underground in a 10,000 year old lava tube, the Zelda Crew traveled out to Cima, CA and Fire Valley, NV in order to capture the composites needed to bring this Fire Temple and Death Mountain Trail to life. Combining the photos with 3D CGI models of Volvagia, and Darunia, the crew brought together these photos for your enjoyment.  It was a long time coming, but good things sometimes take a while, so please enjoy!


The Fire Temple Behind The Scenes

Coming Soon ...
Link: Wes Johnson
Navi: Whitney Moore
Makeup/SFX: Chase Birdsong
Matte Painting/Editing: Luca Pisanu , Sarah Quillian Scott
Volvagia Model: Adam Sacco
Volvagia Design: Lindsey Alvord
Textures: Jesse Flores
Costume: Sarah Quillian Scott
Leatherworking: Sarah Quillian Scott, Ben Wallace
Sword/Shield/Sheath: Aaron Granofsky
Assistants: Aimee Miralli, Brian Miralli, Alondra Cordova, Joellen Elam, Garrett Scott
Special Thanks: Hawk Dalnon for your endless support and Brittany Walloch & Walloch Family for opening your home to us!

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